SCHUBERT: String Quartet No. 14 in D Minor, D. 810 "Death and the Maiden"


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Franz Schubert (1797-1828):
String Quartet No. 14 in D Minor, D. 810

"Death and the Maiden"

Performed by the Amati Quartet:
Willi Zimmermann & Katarzyna Nawrotek (Violin)
Nicolas Corti (Viola) · Claudius Herrmann (Cello)

A concert recording from the German
UNESCO World Heritage Site Maulbronn Monastery

DDD · Duration: 34:58
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MP3 · 320kBit/sec.
by Franz Schubert, performed by the Amati Quartet
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MP3 · 320kBit/sec.
by Franz Schubert, performed by the Amati Quartet
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by Franz Schubert, performed by the Amati Quartet
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MP3 · 320kBit/sec.
by Franz Schubert, performed by the Amati Quartet

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Work(s) & Performance
Franz Schubert


aa da-da-da dam... Smile, accuse me of being euphoric, but even after listening to so many concerts, this particular recording is one of the most moving moments that I have ever been privileged to witness at the Maulbronn Monastery. A breathless, tangible thrill from the first touch of the bow to the very last note. What really makes this recording dramatic is the way the composers complement each other perfectly. This composition by Schubert is one of the most beautiful in the entire quartet literature, and the ambience of the Maulbronn Monastery lends a rare prosaic expressiveness to this interpretation. The sheer class of the Amati String Quartet is shown in the way the recording captures not just the artistic perfection of their performance, but the atmosphere of the hall as well - indeed, the artists become totally carried away and create a work of art so moving that it literally - and audibly- takes the audience's breath away.

Der Tod und das Mädchen ("Death and the Maiden") by Franz Schubert gives us dramatic, passionate elation paired with an alarmingly serene wisdom. It was composed during Schubert's late phase (1826-28), which also includes such works as the song-cycle Winterreise ("A Winter's Journey"). Schubert's dance of death, based on the poem by Matthius Claudius poem, inspires few clear moments of comfort and confidence, and then only in a major key variation and in the Trio. There is nothing programmatic about it, even though the listener is granted considerable insight into Schubert's frame of mind in his later years.

Josef-Stefan Kindler



he Amati String Quartet came into being in 1981 and was shortly afterwards awarded the Evian 'Premier Grand Prix du Concours International' and the Art Prize of the City of Zürich, as well as first prize at the Karl Klingler Competition in Munich. Their CD recordings of the Schostakowitch Quartets 3 & 7 and Szymanovski's Op. 56 and Ravel received the German Record Critics' Award. The recording of the Haydn String Quartets, Op. 50 won them the French award 'Choc du monde de la musique'. In recent years, the Amati Quartet has chalked up one success after another, with performances at the Musikverein in Vienna, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, London's Wigmore Hall, the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris, the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona, the Kölner Philharmonie, Berlin's Konzerthaus and New York's Carnegie Hall.
" of the most amazing concerts I ever attended." (Sir Yehudi Menuhin)
"A Interpretation, unheard since the best times of the Juillard-Quartett." (FAZ)
"Since the early 50s (Juillard-Quartett) it was'nt possible to listen to such a recording of the Bartók-string-quartetts. This is the best recording of the Bartók-quartetts at all." (In Tune, Japan/USA)
Willi Zimmermann & Katarzyna Nawrotek ~ Violin
Nicolas Corti ~ Viola · Claudius Herrmann ~ Cello

Series & Edition


ublishing Authentic Classical Concerts entails for us capturing and recording outstanding performances and concerts for posterity. The performers, audience, opus and room enter into an intimate dialogue that in its form and expression, its atmosphere, is unique and unrepeatable. It is our aim, the philosophy of our house, to enable the listener to acutely experience every facet of this symbiosis, the intensity of the performance, so we record the concerts in direct 2-Track Stereo digital HD. The results are unparalleled interpretations of musical and literary works, simply - audiophile snapshots of permanent value. Flourishing culture, enthralling the audience and last but not least also you the listener, are the values we endeavor to document in our editions and series.

The concerts at the UNESCO World Heritage Maulbronn Monastery supply the ideal conditions for our aspirations. It is, above all, the atmosphere of the romantic, candle-lit arches, the magic of the monastery in its unadulterated sublime presence and tranquillity that impresses itself upon the performers and audience of these concerts. Renowned soloists and ensembles from the international arena repeatedly welcome the opportunity to appear here - enjoying the unparalleled acoustic and architectural beauty of this World Heritage Site, providing exquisite performances of secular and sacred music, documented by us in our Maulbronn Monastery Edition.

Andreas Otto Grimminger & Josef-Stefan Kindler, K&K Verlagsanstalt

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