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K&K Impressions
Choral Concerts

Visual impressions by Josef-Stefan Kindler
featuring choral works by Mendelsssohn, Sweelinck,
Sandström, Rachmaninov, Verdi & Bruckner,
recorded in concerts at the church of the German
UNESCO World Heritage Site Maulbronn Monastery

15 Chapters · Runtime: c. 67 Minutes


Chapters & Tracklist

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847):
Six Anthems for Double Chorus, Op. 79
performed by the Maulbronn Chamber Choir,
conducted by Jürgen Budday
1. Advent: Lasset uns frohlocken [1:41]
Advent: Let our hearts be joyful
2. Weihnachten: Frohlocket ihr Völker auf Erden [1:45]
Christmas: Rejoice, O ye peoples
3. Neujahr: Herr Gott, du bist unsre Zuflucht [3:11]
New Year's Day: O Lord, hast been our refuge
4. Passion: Herr, gedenke nicht unsrer Übeltaten [1:54]
Lent: Lord, take no remembrance of our misdoings
5. Karfreitag: Um unsrer Sünden willen [1:53]
Good Friday: Because of our transgressions
6. Himmelfahrt: Erhaben, o Herr, über alles Lob [1:55]
Ascension: Exalted, O Lord, over all our praise

Musica Sacra
Buddhist Shõmyõ & Gregorian Chants
performed by the Schola Gregoriana Pragensis
& Gjosan-rjú Tendai Sómjó (Buddhist Monks from Japan),
conducted by Saikawa Buntai & David Eben
7. Amida-kyo (Amida-Sutra) & Kyrie IV: Herr, erbarme dich [9:20]
Lord have mercy
8. Sorai kada (Lobgesang/Anthem) & Psalm 51: Miserere mei Deus [10:15]
Erbarme dich über mich, Gott / Have mercy on me, O Lord
9. Jinriki-hon, Von der göttlichen Macht - 21. Buch der Lotos-Sutra [4:03]
Cantio Ave virgo gloriosa - Sei gegrüsset, Himmelskönigin

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621):
The 150th Psalm for 8 part choir
performed by the Maulbronn Chamber Choir,
conducted by Jürgen Budday
10. Part I & Part II [3:06]
11. Part III [2:18]

Jan Sandström:
12. Gloria [8:41]
performed by the Maulbronn Chambmber Choir,
conducted by Jürgen Budday

Musica Sacra
De Maria Virgine
performed by the Moscow State Academic Choir,
conducted by Andrej Koshewnikow
13. Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943): Lob der Mutter Gottes [7:41]
Praise of the Mother of God (sung in Russian)
14. Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901): Laudi alla Vergine Maria [4:13]
15. Anton Bruckner (1824-1896): Ave Maria [5:01]

Music: Concert recordings from the church
of the German UNESCO World Heritage Site Maulbronn Monastery,
recorded, produced & created by Josef-Stefan Kindler & Andreas Otto Grimminger
Josef-Stefan Kindler ~ Images, Art, Direction, Movie & Music Producer
Andreas Otto Grimminger ~ Sound Engineer & Music Producer

Series & Edition


ublishing Authentic Classical Concerts entails for us capturing and recording outstanding performances and concerts for posterity. The performers, audience, opus and room enter into an intimate dialogue that in its form and expression, its atmosphere, is unique and unrepeatable. It is our aim, the philosophy of our house, to enable the listener to acutely experience every facet of this symbiosis, the intensity of the performance, so we record the concerts in direct 2-Track Stereo digital HD. The results are unparalleled interpretations of musical and literary works, simply - audiophile snapshots of permanent value. Flourishing culture, enthralling the audience and last but not least also you the listener, are the values we endeavor to document in our editions and series.

The concerts at the UNESCO World Heritage Maulbronn Monastery supply the ideal conditions for our aspirations. It is, above all, the atmosphere of the romantic, candle-lit arches, the magic of the monastery in its unadulterated sublime presence and tranquillity that impresses itself upon the performers and audience of these concerts. Renowned soloists and ensembles from the international arena repeatedly welcome the opportunity to appear here - enjoying the unparalleled acoustic and architectural beauty of this World Heritage Site, providing exquisite performances of secular and sacred music, documented by us in our Maulbronn Monastery Edition.

Andreas Otto Grimminger & Josef-Stefan Kindler, K&K Verlagsanstalt

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