Fantasies & Illusions ~ Bach's Sons And The Fortepiano

Frontcover: Fantasies & Illusions - Bach's Sons And The Fortepiano
Backcover: Fantasies & Illusions - Bach's Sons And The Fortepiano
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Fantasies & Illusions
Bach's Sons And The Fortepiano

Slobodan Jovanović (Fortepiano/Hammerflügel) plays

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788):
Sonata No. 4 in A Major, Wq 55,4 (H. 186), from: "For Connoisseurs & Amateurs", 1st Collection
& Fantasia in F-Sharp Minor, Wq 67 (H. 300) "C.P.E. Bach's Impressions"

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784):
12 Polonaises, Falck 12 & Fantasia in A Minor, Falck 23

Slobodan Jovanović (*1977):

A recording from the Laurentius Church in Karlsruhe (Germany)

HD Recording · DDD · Duration: c. 79 Minutes


Image of Slobodan Jovanović by Nico Roller. All rights reserved.


lobodan Jovanović was born in 1977 in Pančevo (Serbia). He studied harpsichord and clavichord with Robert Hill and basso continuo with Michael Behringer in Freiburg i. Br. In Karlsruhe he studied fortepiano and chamber music with Kristian Nyquist. He is also trained as a professional organist. Alongside harpsichordists Colin Tilney und Huguette Dreyfus he attended various master classes as a scholarship holder. As well as this he perfected his basso continuo under Jesper Bøje Christensen.
Slobodan Jovanović has appeared in most European countries as a sought after chamber music partner and soloist. He performed as a continuo player with conductors like Reinhard Goebel, Radoslaw Szulc and in several ensembles and orchestras, among them with La Folia, L'arpa festante, Mannheimer Mozartorchester, Nationaltheater-Orchester Mannheim as well as with the Karlsruher Barockorchester. Since several years he is also accompanist (répétiteur) with the International Händel-Akademie in Karlsruhe (Germany). During the season 2016 und 2017 Jovanović played, among other music, all six Brandenburg Concertos by J.S. Bach in diverse concerts with Philharmonie Baden-Baden - as part of the cooperation with this orchestra.
In 2002 he made his debut on ARS MUSICI label with harpsichord sonatas by Franz Anton Maichelbeck (1702-1750). The "harpsichord live electronic" project, with music from the composer Roland Breitenfeld, was brought out on CD (new works for harpsichord and live electronics) in 2001 with Slobodan Jovanović on harpsichord. Recordings of his own harpsichord compositions followed in 2004. His own chamber music has been released in 2014 on the label IFO classics (CD audio Album: "Scene In Circle" with the german label IFO classics, performed by Ensemble Serene Destination. IFO 00 222). In July 2016 his second CD with IFO classics has been released (audio album "Images Without Frames", IFO 00 551), this time with harpsichord work by Frescobaldi, Froberger and Louis Couperin, as well with his own cycle for harpsichord Images Without Frames.
As a composer Slobodan Jovanović consistently pursues the idea of fusion of musical styles and tonal languages. In spring 2014 he started a large scale project, Evelasting Opera, in which over the long term various self-contained vocal-instrumental works ("opera") are to be created.

Image of Slobodan Jovanović by Nico Roller. All rights reserved.

Series & Edition

The concert grand piano is incontestably the king of instruments. We could now wax lyrical about its incomparable dynamics and go into its ability to go from the tenderest of sounds in a soft minor key to the magnificent power of a fortissimo, or I could rhapsodise about its impressive size and elegance. But what makes this instrument really fascinating is its individuality, since each one is unique in itself - created by a master. A concert grand has a life all of its own that a virtuoso can really "get into" and hence bring the work of the composer to life. In our Grand Piano Masters Series, we get into the character and soul of the concert grand piano and experience, during the performance itself, the dialogue between the instrument, the virtuoso and the performance space.

Andreas Otto Grimminger & Josef-Stefan Kindler, K&K Verlagsanstalt

Works, Movements & Tracklist

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788):
Sonata No. 4 in A Major, Wq 55,4 (H. 186)
from: "For Connoisseurs & Amateurs", 1st Collection
1. Allegro assai [4:03] · 2. Poco adagio [4:24] · 3. Allegro [7:31]

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788):
4. Fantasia in F-Sharp Minor, Wq 67 (H. 300) [11:27]
"C.P.E. Bach's Impressions" / "C.P.E. Bachs Empfindungen"

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784):
5. Polonaise in D Major, Falck 12, No. 3 [4:25]
6. Polonaise in G Minor, Falck 12, No. 12 [2:40]
7. Polonaise in G Major, Falck 12, No. 11 [2:51]
8. Polonaise in E Minor, Falck 12, No. 8 [5:19]
9. Polonaise in E Major, Falck 12, No. 7 [3:13]
10. Fantasia in A Minor, Falck 23 [3:37]
11. Polonaise in D Minor, Falck 12, No. 4 [2:13]
12. Polonaise in F Major, Falck 12, No. 9 [2:21]

Slobodan Jovanović (*1977):
13. Iluzija (1996) [5:05]
World Premiere Recording

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784):
14. Polonaise in F Minor, Falck 12, No. 10 [3:41]
15. Polonaise in E-Flat Minor, Falck 12, No. 6 [4:09]
16. Polonaise in E-Flat Major, Falck 12, No. 5 [4:15]
17. Polonaise in C Minor, Falck 12, No. 2 [4:02]
18. Polonaise in C Major, Falck 12, No. 1 [4:18]

Fortepiano by Susanne Merzdorf, 2017 (after Anton Walter, 1782)

Recorded in the Laurentius Church in Karlsruhe (Germany), October 1-3, 2017
Recording & Editing: Hanns Wissert
Images by Nico Roller (Frontcover & Booklet Page 2-3),
Helmut Jacobs (Booklet Page 4-5) & Hanns Wissert (Booklet Page 6-7)
Production & Mastering: Andreas Otto Grimminger & Josef-Stefan Kindler
Artwork & Coverdesign: Josef-Stefan Kindler
Many thanks to Susanne Merzdorf, Ruth Schwarz, Pastor Siegfried Weber
and the Laurentius Parish in Karlsruhe (Germany).

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