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CD-Edition Castle Concerts
CD-Edition Castle Concerts


artner der "Castle Concerts" für die Dokumentation ausgewählter Konzert-Ereignisse ist die K&K Verlagsanstalt. Kultur in ihrer authentischen Form zu publizieren, herausragende Aufführungen und Konzerte für die Nachwelt festzuhalten und zu vermitteln - das ist unser gemeinsames Bestreben. Denn Künstler, Publikum, Werk und Raum treten in einen intimen Dialog, der in Form und Ausdruck - in seiner Atmosphäre - einmalig und unwiederbringlich ist. Das Ergebnis sind audiophile Momentaufnahmen von bleibendem Wert.

Hier können Sie alle lieferbaren Klavier-CDs unserer Reihe direkt bei der K&K Verlagsanstalt zum Sonderpreis bestellen. Die Lieferung erfolgt versandkostenfrei mit Zahlung über PayPal (Zahlung dort per Bankeinzug, Kreditkarte etc.) oder per Überweisung/Rechnung.

Mit Klick auf die jeweilige CD erhalten Sie ausführliche Informationen, zahlreiche Hörproben, Bildergalerien aus den Konzerten und Videos mit Musik aus den CDs.

Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Freude beim Hören, Schauen und Stöbern.

Ihr Volker Northoff

Grand Piano Masters: AppassionataGrand Piano Masters: Appassionata
Grand Piano Masters
Lilya Zilberstein spielt
Ludwig van Beethoven:
Sonate Nr. 2 in A-Dur, Opus 2
& Sonate Nr. 23 in F-moll Opus 57 "Appassionata"
Konzertflügel: C. Bechstein, D 280 (Nr. 194643)
Ein Konzertmitschnitt aus dem Schloss Bad Homburg, Oktober 2007
CD, Download- & Streaming-Album · CD-BestellNr.: CC-KuK02
HD-Aufnahme · DDD · Spielzeit: ca. 52 Minuten
CD derzeit vergriffen
EUR 17,90
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***** The best sounding recording of a piano

This performance of two Beethoven sonatas recorded before a live audience in a castle in Germany by pianist Lilya Zilberstein is incredible in two respects. First, the Appassionata is played as well as anyone I know, including the many legends of the keyboard who have recorded this masterpiece. Zilberstein has it all--technique, style, and passion. Equally remarkable is the sound. This is the best sounding recording of a piano I have ever heard--it must be heard to be believed, and if you are lucky to have a fine sound system you are in for a stupendous aural treat. If wish to hear a magnificant performance in otherwordly fidelity I urge you to track this release down before it becomes unavailable.

'Oldnslow' on


***** Exceptional Appassionata

Sonata 23 is a war horse. There are literally 3-5 dozen versions online from older versions Schnabel (much too fast) to Brendel and Horowitz (quite staid) Kissin Gilels Schiff Goode and others. This one has superb recording. It is live and one can feel the tension with the audience. It is exceptionally clean and not exceedingly fast. You can hear the nuances that lay buried in the ear with the speedsters. She has wonderful rubato moments and the phrase to phrase dynamics are exceptionally well done. Importantly it is very exciting to hear though you know every note; it appears fresh as I feel it is new, modern interpretation. Congratulations Lilya. I hope to hear you in concert in Boston.

'George R. Collison' on


***** Even among all Beethoven sonatas on the market, this one stands out

The disc is a product of Germany's K&K label, which specializes in live performances held in historically significant, if not acoustically appropriate, locations. Here they manage both. The Castle Church of Bad Homburg offers a fine ambiance for piano music in general and for Zilberstein's muscular, dynamic style in particular.
The disc offers the first half of a live concert whose date is localized only to October 2007; the second half was devoted to music of Brahms. At 52 minutes the program is short, but it is complete in itself, and one wants to hear the other disc if only to find out whether Zilberstein can sustain the intensity level from this half.
Zilbertstein has managed to devise fresh, fully realized interpretations of these two sonatas - no small feat, especially in the case of the ubiquitous Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor, Op. 57 ('Appassionata'). Hear Zilberstein's exquisite shaping of the work's brooding opening page. The Beethovenian short-short-short long motif that plays such an important role in binding the music together is introduced in the shadows, but soon enough emerges as an exclamation with sufficent force to propel the main theme through its numerous harmonic transformations.
The level of tension in the entire sonata is remarkable; even the middle movement seems to see the with repressed energy. The early Piano Sonata No. 2 in A major, Op. 2, No. 2, is equally strong, with a unique rhythmic conception of the main theme. Just sit and listen: even among all the Beethoven sonatas on the market, this one stands out.

James Manheim, All Music Guide USA

Grand Piano Masters: ImpromptuGrand Piano Masters: Impromptu
Grand Piano Masters
Franz Vorraber spielt
Franz Schubert (1797-1828):
Impromptus Opus 90 (D 899)
& Fantasie Opus 15 in C-Dur (D 760) "Wanderer-Fantasie"
Konzertflügel: C. Bechstein D 280 (No.191784)
Ein Konzertmitschnitt aus dem Schloss Bad Homburg, April 2007
CD, Download- & Streaming-Album · CD-BestellNr.: CC-KuK05
HD-Aufnahme · DDD · Spielzeit: ca. 63 Minuten
EUR 17,90
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***** Beauty

This is real music... it's classic and its a beautiful melody... verry catchy and it's soothing. Pretty much just awesome!... not kiddnig.

'Holly Jo McCoy' bei iTunes


***** Qualitative recording

Qualitative recording without background noise.

'TianSky' bei iTunes


***** A wonderful and delicate piece of music...

I wish to write this review not only praising the quality and beauty of music contained on this album but also to thank K&K Verlagsanstalt personally for their generosity towards me. I am a film student who has just finished producing my graduate film. During post production I sort through many different recordings of Schubert Impromptus in particular the Impromptu Op.90 No.3 in G flat major. I felt this music would be appropriate for my film as it holds a certain bitter sweet quality that is rarely found is seldom come across. I chose the recording of K&K's as I believed it to be the most beautiful, with the lovely expression contained in the performance and overall clarity of the piece. I contacted K&K shortly after hearing it and they were kind enough to grant me the use of their recording for which, I am forever grateful.
I cannot explain my gratitude towards K&K Verlagsanstalt and also Franz Vorraber for such a virtuoso performance. All I can give is my support of their products and recommendation to others purchase their music.

'Glynncat' bei

Grand Piano Masters: The Legend Of DombraGrand Piano Masters: The Legend Of Dombra
Grand Piano Masters
The Legend of Dombra
Amir Tebenikhin spielt
Franz Schubert:
Sonate für Klavier Nr. 13 in A-Dur (D. 664)
Sergej Prokofiev:
Sonate für Klavier Nr. 4 in C-moll, Opus 29
& Toccata für Klavier in D-moll, Opus 11
Nagim Mendygaliev: Poem "The Legend of Dombra"
Robert Schumann:
Große Sonate für Klavier Nr. 3 "Konzert ohne Orchester"
Konzertflügel: C. Bechstein D 280 (Nr.194643)
Ein Konzertmitschnitt aus dem Schloss Bad Homburg, Oktober 2007
CD · DDD · BestellNr.: CC-KuK09 · Spielzeit: ca. 60 Minuten
EUR 17,90
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A sincere thumbs up to this most gifted of pianists...

This fascinating concert recorded live in the mystic Castle of Bad Homburg is a truly mystical tour-de-force showcasing the magnificent talents of this young pianist who will surely become a household name in the very near future. Tebenikhan is unfazed by the monumental difficult of Schubert's A Major sonata and he sails through it with the professionalism and aplomb of a seasoned master such as Jorge Bolet or Alfred Brendel. Even more wizardry is to be displayed in Prokofiev's Fourth Piano Sonata with the Toccata also receiving a lightning-quick interpretation. Tebenikhin leaves the best for last in the shape of Schumann's monumental Piano Sonata #3 and even in this work he comes off superbly with flying colours. Truly a disc to relish and a sincere thumbs up to this most gifted of pianists.

Gerald Fenech on Classical Net


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